Demo 2012

by Dogchains

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released August 20, 2012

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Track Name: Don´t Look Back
you closed your eyes for far to long
but now it's time to prove them wrong
treated like shit, they tried to break you
you started to hide with every move
now open your eyes and break this strife
true hearted, beautiful, deep inside
now it's your time to shine, time to fucking win
Never forget that you are beautiful
start to fly and spread your unique soul
Track Name: I Feel It
I never lost you out of my eyes
gave this promise to you for my whole life
do you know what it means to me?
so how can you call it yourself so easily?
can you feel it?
do you believe in it?
can you feel it?
I marked this X on my heart and on my brain
without it I would go fucking insane
If the world tries to bring me down on my knees, tries to break me, I focus on my believes
so I ask you
what do you feel?
do you feel it like I do?
now what are you trying to prove?
the edge is stronger than you
can you feel it?
do you believe in it?
can you feel it like I do?
the edge is stronger than you
Track Name: Our Time
another night and I got this feeling inside
the urge is so much stronger than my mind
your fucking rules don't matter anymore
this is our world
waiting in the dark
sneaking around
sitting in the cold and spotting out
you'll try to bust me? not tonight!
the world is ours now
this moment is mine
I can hear the sound
see the lights
hold my breath and feel it on the ground
the world is ours now
this moment is mine
the train is here
this is our time
Track Name: Locked Down
these chains are holding me down
I have to escape before I finally drown
don't know where to start, don't know what to do
they wrap around my neck with every fucking move
I'm sinking so much deeper with every breath that I take
but deep inside I know how to escape
I just need to see through
I don't need to talk, just have to do
I know I can stop this pain
on my own break this fucking chain